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January 8, 2018

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8 local Eastside businesses to amp up your wardrobe


Whether you hit Cafe Stella every weekend or have never heard of the Sunset Junction, Silver Lake continues its ascension into hipster utopia without any signs of slowing down. While we could sit here and rattle off about all the new restaurants and bars that opened in 2017 like Tintotera, Botanica and The Friend, we're here for one thing and one thing only: retail therapy. We chatted with representatives from eight of our favorite stores in Silver Lake to get the lowdown.

Get in, loser. We're going shopping. 



Try saying this one five times fast. Retrosuperfuture is the eyewear enthusiast’s dreamland where the store is as cool and clean-cut as the glasses themselves. The hybrid showroom and retail store is alluring with giant windows, trendy neon signs, and plenty of mirrors to catch a glimpse of your own cool.


“I would say our vibe is very open, very much for the neighborhood [...] We wanted to make a more open space compared to our New York location just because we are in LA and we understand that everything’s a little cluttered so when you walk in here, it’s kind of like a breath of fresh air [...] We’re an Italian brand so design and simplicity is always branded into everything that we do whether it’s in the store, the events, things like that.” -- Daniel Kuark



Le Labo

If you don't recognize the scent of Le Labo by now, do you even live in LA? From its plant-based body, hair and face collection to the candles and room sprays, Le Labo is a self-care hotspot. The perfumery makes everything by hand from raw, filtered ingredients that are preservative and paraben free. The store may be based in NYC, but they showered LA in love with an exclusive scent.


“We bring the New York vibe to LA [...] We do have a Los Angeles city exclusive scent that kind of was made to represent Los Angeles, the way that it smells, that it’s very clean and fresh, but has a dark and dirty center to it.” -- Rob Bloomfield



Mollusk Surf Shop

Whether you’re an old pro, just learning how to balance on a board, or a poser, Mollusk is a fun shop to pop into. The beachy boutique sells surfboards, wetsuits and easy-breezy clothes and accessories.


“Back in the day in the 50s, when all the guys were surfing Malibu, they would get done surfing and go hangout in the bars downtown so the surf culture has always been deeply rooted in LA and Hollywood, so we just try to take our inspiration from that [...] There’s mens and womens and kids and then we’re a full functioning surf shop as well. Tons of boards, wetsuits, repair kits, surf videos, books, all kinds of stuff.” -- Dave Osborn


The Social Type

Who isn’t a sucker for paper goods? Stationary queens, Jessica and Allison, opened The Social Type flagship store in 2015, which now showcases other LA brands such as The Good Twin and Red Cap Cards.


“We want people to be able to come in here and pick up a great gift and get it beautifully wrapped on the way to a party of a baby shower, a wedding--a lot of people come in and do that [...] I think [The Social Type] is cheerful, warm, and inviting, just like Los Angeles.” -- Jessica Tree



Best described as a revival of 60s to 90s-era clothing and goods, Nico & Bullitt is a gallery and shop featuring local and indie designers. Pop in and shop LA artist and designer Olivia D’Orazi’s collection if you want dreamy, psychedelic art, clothing and home decor.


“We have a lot of old veterans of Hollywood and they come in and they’re happy to see that they’re able to purchase things that they used to be able to buy on Melrose in the 80s and 90s [...] We don’t look at anybody that walks in like thinking that we’re better than they are. There’s something in here for everybody to buy.” -- Melissa Vexler



Yolk is a colorful, Scandinavian-inspired store boasting artisan designer goods, locally produced wares and individualistic kids fashion from around the globe. For every occasion, Yolk has your back.


“I would definitely say that it is the stuff you’re not going to find anywhere else. The whole point of how we buy is to provide things that you’re not going to find at a Toys R Us or at a Macy’s or any other kind of bigger store. It’s special [...] There’s an eclectic group over here, but I feel like the throughline through Silver Lake is that it’s a little bit more artistic over here and people aesthetically have a certain feeling.” -- Anna B


Creatures of Comfort

The store name peaks interest without giving away the goodness inside. Chic fashion sense and wearable textiles come together in Jade Lai’s clothing line. After closing the Melrose location, Creatures of Comfort is back in Silver Lake, where it’s colorful, playful garb matches the neighborhood.

"The vibe of the store really emulates what LA feels like to Creatures of Comfort. The huge arched windows, wood cabinetry and brass finishes mixes high-brow classics with contemporary aesthetics. The clothes are effortless and casual while still being fashion forward. I think the clothing and accessories here are perfect for Silver Lake; practical while not boring, with really well-made high quality fabrics and leathers." -- Annalyn Agapito




With all this buzz about millennial pink, Myrtle has a one-up in the game with pink accent walls and decor, but don’t just go in for the Instagrammable aesthetic! Go to support local and international women designers who created pieces that will transition from day to night with ease.


“We carry all women designers in the store, so we care very much about empowering women and supporting local and international designers, but our main focus is women [...] We carry a lot of things that can transition from day to nightwear like party clothes. I feel like if you have a special event, this would be a great place to come and find something fun and unique [...] Being in LA, being in a really central location like Echo Park/Silver Lake, people definitely have a distinct style and we carry a lot of great--I think a great mix of styles for a variety of people.” -- Elizabeth Hartman



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