Citizine: How to Turn Yourself into a Pumpkin in Los Angeles

November 9, 2017

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8 dishes, drinks and desserts starring our favorite autumnal squash


You read the title correctly, folks. We have a theory that if you consume enough pumpkin in one day, you may turn into a human-sized pumpkin. We’re talking about a Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory transformation. Want to test our theory? Perfect, we created a guide just for you adventurous pumpkin lovers.



Beverly Hills, $$

We can’t possibly write about our favorite orange squash without mentioning. . . the pumpkin spice latte. Yes, even we love to bash on this basic beverage, but there is a reason the drink is so ubiquitous come fall—one sip and you're transported to an autumnal oasis replete with ribbed turtleneck sweaters and crunchy leaves. This year, Vinoteca, Italian-inspired coffee house by day and bar by night, has crafted a PSL emblazoned with jack-o-lantern coffee art. 

John O'Groats

Cheviot Hills, $$

Spiced pumpkin pancakes. Shall we go on? John O’Groats did Los Angeles a favor by taking the breakfast-dessert hybrid and adding pumpkin spice into the mix . . .literally. The restaurant also offers a variety of O’Griddle toppings, including caramel sauce and pecans. Are you turning orange yet?


Beverly Grove, $

We consider ourselves reasonable people and we realize that not everyone can sit down and devour an entire stack of pancakes before starting their day. Cue the best sweet alternative: a pumpkin donut drizzled with glaze. Fonuts bakes or steams their donuts, so you don’t have to feel too guilty.

Honey Hi

Echo Park, $$

Are you in a sugar coma? Lunch loaded with greens at our favorite cafe should revive you. Try That One Bowl at Honey Hi for fall vibes and a pumpkin taste without all the sugar. With key ingredients like sprouted herbed quinoa, pumpkin seed arugula pesto and roasted pumpkin seeds, this bowl is what all pumpkins aspire to be.  

Cafe Angelino

West Hollywood, $$

What's fall without a perfect plate of pumpkin raviolis? Cafe Angelino offers these comforting orange delights on their special menu starting ... now! The ravioli is smothered in a butter and sage sauce that has us salivating. Pro-tip: Cafe Angelino is a perfect ittle Italian bistro if you're looking to escape the scenesters in West Hollywood. 

Crave Dessert Company

Culver City, $$

The day is winding down and you’re about to burst from pumpkin, but we know you have a completely separate stomach awaiting dessert. Crave Dessert Co. makes a seasonal signature brown butter pumpkin cake for their Thanksgiving menu each year. This treat is guaranteed to spice up your evening. If you’re feeling generous, order a full size cake to bring home to the fam.

B Sweet Dessert Bar

Sawtelle, $

B Sweet offers over 40 flavors of bread pudding and since you can’t possibly try all of them at once (unless you’re up for a challenge), we suggest the pumpkin, of course. Order the hot pumpkin bread pudding to enjoy ASAP or get it frozen to prolong this wondrous day of pumpkin spiciness. Don’t play! You know you’re sad it’s almost over.


West Hollywood, $$$

Oh, you thought it would end with dessert? Nope! Time for a late night cocktail. Whether you’re drinking with friends or dining with colleagues, Norah encourages you to get spooky with your booze. This pumpkin spice sour, a cocktail featuring bourbon, lemon, pumpkin spice and egg whites will have your taste buds zinging. Congratulations, you're now a pumpkin. 



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