A Dose of ColourPop

December 23, 2016

I became aware of ColourPop Cosmetics through beauty YouTubers, but struggle to remember a time before I knew this brand. With matte liquid lipsticks being all any beauty lover talked about, I decided to try ColourPop's version of one. I purchased the Ultra Matte Lips in shades "Bumble" and "Pacific" last spring and popped them onto my lips within seconds of opening the package. I was so eager to see what they'd look like that I put one shade on my top lip and the other on my bottom. I looked foolish, but the colors were stunningly pigmented. I eventually decided that I couldn't stop at the Ultra Mattes — I needed to try out their eyeshadows, highlighters, and lippies. 





As I said, these matte liquid lipsticks were my introduction to ColourPop as a makeup brand. After some trial and error with these, I figured out that the perfect way to apply them is on exfoliated, bare lips. The product glides on and dries quickly, so I like to layer chapstick on top to keep my lips from looking dull or dry. These will fade throughout the day, but they are very long lasting for a lip product and will not transfer onto food, clothing, etc. Especially for $6, these are an amazing product.





ColourPop's Lippie Stix are the closest they have to a traditional tube lipstick, but they have a slim, neat packaging and come in five different finishes: Pearlized, Crème, Matte X, Sheer, and Glossy. These $5 lippies are just as pigmented as the liquid lips (unless you get the sheer ones — I got mattes) and apply smoothly on bare lips. Of the four matte shades I own, I find myself reaching for "Brink," a medium toned pinky-nude. Even on minimal makeup days, I like to dab this on my lips and mix it with some chapstick just go give my natural lips some more pigment. These come in so many unique colors and beat a lot of drugstore lipstick prices.





Let me just say that limiting myself when it came to choosing eyeshadows was tough. I wanted to try few different shades without going overboard, so I chose one color for each part of the eye: "Supermodel" for all over the lid, "Hanky Panky" for the crease, and "Mittens" for the outer corner. I did not buy them to wear together, although they would probably create a beautiful look. These babies are beautiful. They are a powder eye shadow, but they are as soft as a cream. For $5 each, I was shocked at the quality and quantity! Again, much cheaper than some individual eyeshadows at the drugstore. I apply these to my eyes with my fingers and then blend out with a synthetic brush. I find it difficult to pick up the product with a brush because they are so creamy and that they move with the brush instead of latching to it. I tend to reach for my other eyeshadows more than these because I like a powdery consistency that a brush can pick up, but if you're disappointed with eyeshadows or pigments, try these.





Of the four different ColourPop products I've tried, their highlighters shocked me the most and in the BEST way. I pressed my finger into the quirky named "Lunch Money" to swatch it and my jaw dropped. I could not believe that this was a powder product because just like the eyeshadows, it was soft and very malleable. I even left a finger imprint in the silvery gold shade. I immediately ran to my roommates and made them swatch it for themselves and they reacted similarly, "This is a POWDER?" Yup! Like the shadows, I apply this to the tops of my cheekbones using my finger and then sweep over it with a synthetic brush. It gives a beautiful glimmer to the skin without being too shimmery and it can easily be blended out to cater the amount of product to your preference. These beauties are $8 and come with 0.15 oz of product. 


My infatuation with this brand will most likely never end. Even if I don't end up buying anything, I will peruse their website looking at every color of every product. If you haven't tried anything from them, what are you waiting for?


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