First Impressions of Glossier

November 26, 2016


I've been infatuated with Glossier since the brand first popped up on my radar. I heard of the company as a skincare and makeup brand before I heard of the beauty blog site that this bloomed from, Into The Gloss. I started following the company on Instagram and was intrigued by the video snippets they would post and photos of new products. I never hear any negative comments about the brand and I love what they stand for: Skin first, makeup second. Each product is centered around creating a low maintenance, high quality beauty routine. Sounds enchanting, right?


I thought so too, which is why I decided to splurge on Glossier's Phase 1 featuring the Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint. These four products totaled $80, but I did not stop there! I went the extra mile and purchased the Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22) and Super Bounce serum ($28). I would say that I couldn't help myself, but I probably could have. I just didn't want to! And to be fair, I used my birthday money toward this purchase and I have been suffering with dry skin for far too long. I needed to bring some life back into my skincare routine and Glossier convinced me they would give me that breath of life. Only a few weeks after receiving the beautiful package, here are some of my thoughts:





If I had to choose, I would say that the Balm Dotcom skin salve and Perfecting Skin Tint were the two I was most excited about out of the four Phase 1 products. I have a horrid habit of chewing my lips and the skin salve can be applied to them for intense hydration and it can also be used on very dry skin anywhere on the face. I've been dabbing the salve on rough patches on my forehead and cheeks in addition to all over my lips. I've noticed a drastic improvement in my skin texture in just the last week since I incorporated this into my routine. 



As for the Perfecting Skin Tint, I loved the idea of it's lightweight, watery consistency. My favorite foundation is MAC's Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation because it is thin and immensely hydrating. I use it as-is for a light to medium coverage, or I add hydration to a higher coverage foundation by mixing the two. I watched tutorials featuring the Perfecting Skin Tint and found that the consistency of it was similar to the MAC one and I instantly had to have it, especially since I had just finished up a bottle of the Waterweight and did not want to repurchase it for price reasons. The skin tint is extremely similar to the MAC one in terms of fluidity and blend-ability on the face and with other foundations. It is exactly what Glossier markets it as: a hydrating skin tint that is more part of the skincare routine than the makeup routine because of it's low maintenance application process and the natural feel it leaves on the skin.  It's a "your skin, but better" type of product. 


Just the name of the Milky Jelly Cleanser appealed to me. This product claims to leave skin feeling soft and clean, rather than tight with it's creamy gel formula. I've noticed that my skin responds well to cream cleansers that are gentle enough to not strip moisture from my skin, but strong enough to clean it after a day of makeup wearing. This cleanser does that! I also love that one of the ingredients is the same ingredient used in contact lens solutions, meaning I can rub this in my eyes to take mascara off and not feel a painful sting.


Speaking of products stinging the eyes, something in the Priming Moisturizer makes my eyes water, even though I do not apply it to my eye area. It is possible that my skin is just being sensitive to the introduction to this moisturizer, but it has made me reach for other products instead of this one. However, when I do use it, I find that the finish is perfect for makeup prep. A hydrating moisturizer by night and a double duty moisturizer and primer by day is an accurate description for this product!





Glossier's Moon Mask caught my attention for the hydration it promises *surprise*, we know I have dry skin! This "soothing face treatment" applies creamy and cool to the face and juxtaposed with a hot shower -- perfection for a spa night. I've been using this when I feel like treating myself or on particularly dry weather days. And check out that packaging -- they know just how to get me.





Oh, boy. This is another product that sells itself to me with just the packaging. This serum promises to soften tight, rough skin. Yes another hydrating face product --  shocker, I know. Words cannot explain the crisis my skin has been in this fall, so I'm hoping my purchases convey the message. On freshly washed and dried skin, I use the eye dropper to apply a pea sized amount on my forehead and each cheek. I spread the serum out without rubbing it into my skin and wait for it to naturally absorb before continuing with the rest of my skincare routine. It could be the combination of products I've been using, but my skin feels incredibly soft and it was itchy and flaky just a couple of weeks ago. Serums are a great source of hydration and I have been using this one consistently morning and night even if I change up my moisturizer, so I think it is doing what it promises!



If you're reading this when it's posted on Black Friday, Glossier is currently offering 20% everything and free shipping from now until Nov. 28! If any of these products interest you, I recommend taking advantage of the sale or using a promo code. In Glossier fashion, I prioritized trying the skincare products first and plan to do some credit card damage on the makeup next!




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