For the Rest of My Life. . .


As corny as it might sound, I feel that I've gotten to know myself a lot better this summer. I've learned how to say goodbye to familiarity and embrace change. I now have a better grasp on what I want out of my education and where I hope to be when I graduate. I have set both short and long term goals. I have made decisions without obsessing over the outcome.


Using this blog as an outlet for my thoughts has certainly helped with learning about myself. Recently, I decided to make a list of some things I hope to have or do for the rest of my life. Some are as simple as me wanting to have a pet forever and others are a little more "pull myself up by the boot straps" types of goals. 


For the rest of my life, I hope to:


• Write. Write freely, honestly, and without regrets.


• Sing. For myself or for an audience. With others or solo. Accompaniment or a cappella. 


• Fight my anxiety rather than succumb to it. 


• Go for walks with my mom.


• Have at least one dog.


• Engage in meaningful conversations, even if it starts on someone’s politically charged Facebook post.


• Have an art/craft that I’m obsessed with for awhile before I move on to the next one.


• Have at least one exciting project going on in either my personal or professional life.


• Be secure in my career without keeping the same job forever.


• Face the things that scare me (but no spiders, please).


• Eat delicious food (and expand my palette). 


This post was very much written for me. It was originally not intended for the blog, but this is a space for me to look back and see who I was when I was twenty. Despite it not being a very riveting post (and possibly not relatable depending on who you are), I hope you enjoyed and maybe felt inspired to create one for yourself. 


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